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Engagement rings may appear different from the wedding rings in terms of style and cut. However, some individuals prefer matching the two so that they do not look awkward when worn together. In many most case, the ring designs do depend on the lifestyle of the partners and also their budget range. For instance, most Irish couples would go for the Celtic type of a ring while others may just prefer an eternity ring with a simple design. Again a ring that has only a few gemstone and is made using one type of metal would not cost the same as one that has many gemstones with a lot of expensive metals such as gold and diamond.  Read more great facts on Turner's Jewelers, click here. 


As you shop for your engagement and wedding rings, you need to make a decision regarding the type of metal you prefer for the band. There are so many metals that can be used to make a ring. Such include gold, silver, and even platinum. Metals such as platinum and tungsten are long lasting and are resistant to many things such as rust or water. For gold, it has a tendency of becoming slimmer with time while silver will require several occasions of dipping. However, they are cheaper compared to the platinum and tungsten. Again, gold can be found in a variety of shades including lime, rose, and yellow, peach and also white.  Take a look at this link  for more information. 


Next, you should choose the appropriate size and the desired shape of the rings. Naturally, the engagement ring for a woman does match the wedding ring in terms of design. It is most preferred for features like the gemstones, metals, and style to also be the same. For men, the only important thing is to ensure that they feel comfortable when wearing the wedding rings. The shape and size of your ring will depend on the nature of your fingers. For those with big fingers, they should go for more wide bands with fewer decorations while the people with slimmer fingers would look best with the narrower bands and with a number of patterned designs. You should put into thought the diamonds and patterns. Engagement and wedding rings with diamonds tend to cost high compared to the plain ones without the gemstones. However, the one govern with lots of diamonds will have a greater impact as opposed to the other. For fat fingers, a large piece of diamond with a tiffany setting would be the most suitable.